Pearland Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association


Membership Requirements:

In order to join the Pearland CPA Alumni Association, an individual must:

  • Live or work in the Pearland area
  • Be 18 years of age or older (17 years if attending with an immediate family member 18 or older)
  • Submit to a background check (to ensure the integrity of the program)
  • Attend & graduate from the Pearland Citizens Police Academy class

Annual Membership Dues:

  • A single yearly membership due is $25, a family yearly membership dues are $40. If you are a Life Time member, you don’t owe anything! If you would like to become a Life Time member, a single Life Time is $250, a Family Life Time membership is $400. Ways to pay:
    • Come to a general meeting and pay by cash, check or credit card
    • Stop by the PD, come in on the PD side of the building, go to the Records window and drop off either cash or a check in an envelope that is clearly marked PCPAAA and ask the lovely lady at the window if she can put it in our mail slot
    • If you are up at the PD and have access to the locked doors section go to the CPA room and drop either cash or a check in an envelope clearly marked “Dues”, into the Dropbox which is to the left of the safe on the counter.
  • PCPAAA New & Renewal Application NEW! Online payment is now available! Please click here to request the link via email.